The Project

The Stanford and Oxford residential development is located at the corner of Annerley Road & Peter Doherty Street in Dutton Park and comprises 5 levels of residential units with a two-level basement carpark. Due to the locality of the development of the Boggo Road Bus Tunnel, a rigorous monitoring program was prescribed through the development of a construction vibration monitoring plan in response to State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) conditions.


Our Solution

To meet the requirements in the construction vibration monitoring plan Protest Engineering commissioned the installation of monitoring devices during two mobilisations. The first installation was undertaken during a night works shutdown of the Boggo Road Bus Tunnel comprising:

  • S9 automatic total station
  • Prisms installed on the tunnel crown and sidewall allow a 100-meter length of the tunnel
  • 18 crack monitors on existing cracks identified in the construction vibration monitoring plan
  • 7 tiltmeters
  • 3 vibration monitors

 Following the tunnel installation Protest Engineering undertook the installation of two inclinometers along with the proposed retention nearest to the tunnel alignment. Following the commissioning and installation process, Protest Engineering has undertaken monthly tunnel inspections and presentation of data recorded through Trimble’s T4D platform including highlighting any recordings that are beyond the tolerable limits specified in the construction vibration monitoring plan.