Construction Materials Testing

Protest Engineering provides industry leading construction materials testing (CMT) services to its clients through strategically located NATA accredited laboratories

Our qualified and experienced team are well-trained in the field of CMT and our clients benefit from their extensive knowledge. Protest Engineering maintains a large fleet of vehicles & fully equipped NATA accredited laboratories; ensuring our clients’ needs are met, on time and within budget constraints.

Protest Engineering’s CMT services include:

  • Providing field testing quality assurance during the construction process including Level 1 supervision and testing in accordance AS3798 for bulk earthworks project and Level 2 testing through compaction control using a variety of field testing methods
  • An extensive range of soil testing,  as well as concrete and aggregate laboratory testing following Australia Standard along with local authority standard such as Queensland Department of Transport & Main Roads, Transport for NSW and Vic Roads.
  • The establishment of NATA accredited annex facilities Australia wide utilising numerous mobile laboratories including trailers and shipping containers that have been retrofitted to meet project and client needs.
  • The Protest Engineering construction materials testing team’s aim is to provide a smart and practical service to clients with the knowledge that providing this service in a timely manner is of great importance to the success of a project. This has allowed the CMT team to provide field, laboratory and annex facilities to numerous infrastructure, land development (commercial and residential), mining and defense projects.

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