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Acid Sulfate Soils

Protest offers a comprehensive service to review the risks associated with Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) including Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plans (ASSMP) where required. ASS are typically associated with alluvial, organic soils at or below 5 mAHD but can also occur locally. Protest Engineering undertakes desktop studies to assess the risk of ASS and then scope physical investigations, sampling and testing to meet the requirements of the Queensland Acid Sulfate Soil Technical Manual developed by the Queensland Acid Sulfate Soils Investigation Team (QASSIT).

Our laboratories undertake ASS testing including field pHf, pHFOX and reaction with hydrogen peroxide in order to arrive at a ‘positive field sulfide identification’ for subsequent selection of samples and further chromium suite testing. On completion of the desk study and investigations Protest provides advice on the need, or otherwise, for a ASSMP and assess the liming rates recommended for the soils to be disturbed.