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It’s been a whole year since the Morrison Geotechnic acquisition by Protest Engineering and the year has absolutely flown! Here’s a quick look back on the year that was, what we’ve learnt and what we’re looking forward to.

⭐ Morrison’s started the financial year as part of Protest Engineering, bringing our combined workforce to over 200 people.

⭐ We’ve made great investments for new machinery, allowing us to deliver better results for our clients.

⭐ Maintained our trusted and responsive reputation while boosting the service offering and capabilities of both businesses, giving us greater spread and efficiency.

⭐ We’ve complemented each other perfectly! This history of Morrisons combined with the youth of Protest has allowed for a dynamic work environment.

⭐ Between the two of us, lots of learning has been done benefitting both, and continues to happen, with ideas being shared daily.

⭐ Exploring new avenues where we can build on our experience and offer clients an innovative, tailored approach with our touch of technical excellence.

⭐ We’re all looking forward to a future where we can grow together🌲