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Retaining Wall Services

The geotechnical engineering team at Protest Engineering has extensive experience in the investigation, design and certification of various types of retaining walls and retaining structures.

As part of our ever-expanding list of capabilities we are able to design and certify the following retaining structures:

  • Reinforced earth retaining walls such as keystone walls;
  • Mass gravity retaining walls such as no fines concrete;
  • Boulder retaining walls;
  • Crib retaining walls;
  • Gabion basket retaining walls;
  • Shotcrete panel retaining systems;
  • Soil and Rock anchor retaining systems;

As part of the wholistic approach taken by the geotechnical team, retaining wall designs require a detailed geotechnical investigation to be undertaken, followed by a detailed analysis of the retaining wall to ensure that wall designs meet relevant Australian Standards such as AS1726 and AS4678. Following this we are able to provide engineering inspections during the construction of the retaining structure, onsite advice and subsequent engineering certification. To date Protest Engineering has provided design and certification to hundreds of retaining walls in both Queensland and New South Wales.

Our capabilities range from small residential jobs all the way up to large commercial and infrastructure projects with retaining walls being up to kilometres long. Our comprehensive and thorough approach toward retaining structure design and certification means that a high standard of quality assurance is maintained for the duration of your project.