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Plaxis Analysis

Protest Engineering uses state-of-the-art software, Plaxis 2D, to undertake complex geotechnical modelling.

PLAXIS 2D is a comprehensive geotechnical software program which can be used across a vast range of locations. Here are a just a few examples of how we can apply this high-tech software:

  • analysing rock response and surface settlements in tunnels, mines and reservoirs.
  • examining slope stability and seepage in dams, embankments, excavation pits and pit mines.
  • predicting settlement in excavation pits and adjacent buildings
  • calculating drainage times in complex areas
  • investigating bearing capacity and foundation settlement for high-rise buildings, LNG tanks and other structures.

Case Study 

Protest Engineering was recently engaged to conduct a third-party review of an 18.5m-deep excavation project in South Brisbane, on behalf of a neighbouring property owner. 

 Using PLAXIS 2D, we reviewed the project parameters and modelled the proposed solution with our client’s concerns in mind. The software allowed us to analyse the project and give our client confidence that the proposed design and construction methods were suitable.