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Pavement Investigations

Over the course of Protest’s lifespan, we have serviced pavement investigations in over 200 roads and airport runways. The majority of the pavement investigations have been undertaken within the Gold Coast City Council, Moreton Bay Council and Redland City Council regions. Protest Engineering have serviced airport runways as far out as Eromanga near the South Australia and Queensland border, demonstrating that we are willing to go the extra mile for our clients.

Due to our capabilities in construction materials testing, this allows us to undertake all aspects of a pavement investigation in-house allowing efficiencies and quality control over the course of the project. During Quarter 4 of 2021 our Sunshine Coast branch conducted a pavement investigation consisting of 18 roads, 168 boreholes and 266 testing suites. To achieve this program and deliver the results in a timely manner, this required adept project management, dedication and communication from all staff involved with the project including onsite drillers and engineers, as well as the lab testing teams.