Geotechnical Drilling and Investigation

Protest Engineering offer geotechnical drilling and investigation across the Gold Coast, Melbourne and beyond.


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At Protest Engineering, we offer geotechnical drilling and investigation services to determine subsurface conditions prior to constructing residential, commercial and industrial projects. We will deliver quality in-depth bore logs to meet the Australian standards and follow local government requirements within a specific timeframe to ensure your job is completed on time.

Our drilling rigs consist predominantly of 4WD mounted continuous flight augured rigs that are expertly operated by our soil technicians. These rigs are capable of drilling to a depth of 7.5 metres.

Whether you need geotechnical sampling, geotechnical drilling services or geotechnical investigation, Protest Engineering can do it for you.

Protest Engineering Soil Testing

We provide several investigation services to suit a wide range of projects. From construction materials testing to environmental services, geotechnical services to drilling and structural engineering, we have the knowledge and expertise to produce positive results from projects that will exceed your expectations. Our mobile laboratories and offices travel wherever we go, enabling us to reach a greater number of customers. Get a free quote today on our geotechnical drilling and investigation services.

We provide investigation services such as construction materials testing, environmental services and more across the Sunshine Coast and Emerald.

If you’re looking for geotechnical investigation drilling rigs on the Sunshine Coast and the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. Our soil technicians will travel to Burleigh Heads, Epping and beyond to utilise in-depth bore logs and geotechnical sampling, guaranteeing optimal results for your new construction. We also deliver quality service and expertise to customers in areas such as Emerald, the Gold Coast, Bells Creek and Melbourne. We service a large area, so get in touch today and we can come to you.

We service locations across the Eastern Coast of Australia including Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

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Need geotechnical investigation in Emerald? What about geotechnical drilling services in Burleigh Heads? Contact Protest Engineering today to learn more about our services and let one of our soil technicians provide the geotechnical sampling you need to move your project forward. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Contact Protest Engineering for a free quote on all the geotechnical drilling and investigation services you need.

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