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Expert Witness

Our principal geotechnical consultants provide independent expert witness legal advice for court proceedings to assist clients in supporting or rejecting development approvals. We use state of the art technology to build complex ground models for analysis and design. We specialise in site investigations, slope stability modelling, basement excavation design and more.

Protest provided expert slope stability expert witness advice to the courts for a sloping site where the opposing expert witness continued to reject the findings (that the slope stability issues could be managed). Protest provided ongoing expert advice to the lawyers and participated in multiple cross joint hearings.

Additional supporting evidence was continually being requested, including a request to develop a 2D Plaxis model showing the exact ground conditions interpreted from Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW) seismic data. This additional analysis was undertaken, as requested, and the model was provided to the opposing expert witness for verification. The slope stability analyses, report and recommendations to manage the slope stability issues were then accepted by the opposing expert witness.