Australian Standards and Main Roads

Protest Engineering always adhere to Australian Standards when completing your project.


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At Protest Engineering, we adhere to the various standards set forth for performing observation and testing tasks on all projects no matter how big or small. Australian Standards and Main Roads (TRM), as well as Australian Standard 1289 are included, along with the Level 1 Certification.

Before taking on any project, our highly skilled staff must make sure all materials meet the qualifications established by Australian Standard 1289, also known as AS1289. We do this by assessing the materials used, and workmanship performed to verify structural engineering or geotechnical engineering consistency and design requirements are met.

Australian Standard 1289 was put in place to ensure quality control, requiring the assessment, observation and testing of fill and earthworks used on all projects. At Protest Engineering, we have mobile testing laboratories and facilities in locations across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Emerald, that allow us to reach a broader range of clients, constantly expanding our customer base.

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Our Level 1 Certification combined with many years of experience aiding customers in the completion of structural engineering and geotechnical engineering projects make us the perfect choice for handling your job.

  • Placing of imported or cut material​
  • Completion of topsoil removal
  • Test rolling (Proof Rolling)
  • Trenching and backfilling, where applicable
  • Compaction and adding/removal of moisture
  • Testing

When you contract with Protest Engineering, we supply the geotechnical engineering experts who ensure adherence to AS1289 and Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) standards. Operations included in the observation and testing are:

Why Choose Protest Engineering?

Need more information about AS1289 and level 1 certification on the Gold Coast? Need to know if your Burleigh Heads structural engineering project meets qualifications specified by the Australian Standards and Main Roads? We can help.

We’ll travel to various locations to assess and test your materials, quality of workmanship and more. These include the Sunshine Coast, Epping, Melbourne, Emerald, Bells Creek and beyond.

We service a variety of locations across the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Emerald, Melbourne and beyond.

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Have questions about Australian standard 1289? Need advice about or assistance with a geotechnical engineering job? Here at Protest Engineering, we want to hear from you. Contact us today for the most up-to-date design and testing services and let us provide you with a free quote.

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